Fire, Bubbles & Burlesque

Are you wanting to grab attention with the art of fire dance?

EFE presents “FIRE Bubbles & Burlesque” Workshop! 🔥✨👯

🔥 ALL SKILL LEVELS are welcome! (18yrs and older)

🔥Special Instructor coming up from LA “Phoenix Fire Flow”

⏱️ Friday, May 31st from 3:00PM-6:00PM at The Shack!

Here’s the setup! ⬇️

Hour 1- Fire Eating: Learn fire eating basics, tongue transfer, fleshing, and the steps to do a “cauldron.”

Hour 2- Fire Bubbles and Burlesque: Learn how to utilize butane and propane bubbles. Learn basics, safety, transfers, partner, play, and also how to create a captivating sensual act together to WOW your audience.

Hour 3- Flow & Create: learn how to choose your music, embody musicality, and build up to a climax in your act!

🔥Click the link in bio or below to sign up! (